Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to bid on the Live Facebook auction held on Tuesday nights at 7:00PM

You just find our page on Facebook (Facebook Rowland Auction Group) and a little before 7:00PM I will go live. You should be able to view my live stream from our Facebook Page. To bid on the Live Facebook Auction you must have a legitimate Facebook account with your name and you just place your bid in the comment section of the Live Facebook auction . There is a 30 second or so delay in the live video, keep that in mind when bidding. I allow time for that before I call sold, once sold is said its final unless there is an technical issue or some other unforeseen issue.

Come on over Tuesday night at 7:00 and join the fun.

To consign items for auction all you have to do is get in touch with Angie @706-376-8438. We have several different venues to present your item to the right bidder. Items need to be clean with no missing pieces or broken parts. Some items do better than others and Angie will be glad to give you a honest assessment and will let you know the best course of action for the auction of your items.

Find the auction you want to bid on.  Our auctions are usually listed on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/RowlandAuctions or here @ RowlandAuctionGroup.com

Be sure to read the terms and conditions!

Click “Bid” on the item that you wish to bid on. You will be prompted to register, and submit credit card information. Your credit card will be authorized for $1. If you do not purchase anything at the sale, the charge will be removed. You can now bid on any item.
You may bid the next amount or leave a higher “Max Bid” and the system will bid for you. We encourage you to use the “max bid feature.” Enter the highest amount you wish to bid. The system will bid for you up to the amount you enter, but you will only pay the increment above the previous bidder.
After you have entered the amount you wish to bid, click
“Confirm Bid” Congratulations, you have bid on the item!

For more information call Angie @ 706-376-8438